Songwriter, lyricist, musician, improviser, experimenter: music is the foundation of the way I make art, which has often taken me to unexpected directions. Complementary to literature, music represents an intangible or physically not tangible aspect that leads me to explore, by means of the voice, the unknown.
The vocal unknown is something emerging from an inner place, but I neither know where in me this place is nor do I know the whereabouts of its real position; it is subjected to impulse and pour out elsewhere – in the outside.Musica sperimentale Venezia


Over the years, I have explored different musical genres (from pop to gospel and jazz) and co-founded projects to put together the urgency of writing original pieces of music with the experimentation of new, mixed creations in-between literature and music, moving beyond ordinary.Electronic Girls Venezia


Since 2009, first in duo with Irene Brazzolotto (TW/Two Women) and then in solo, I pursued a project using the loop station for instant composition and singing.
a comment by Edward Bell (eng)Electronic Girls Venezia


From 2012, I have been the voice of UnkNwn, a project of experimental electronic and IDM.
From 2016, I have worked together with The Expanding Universe with Johann Merrich and Aldo Aliprandi, a group of electronic research inspired to the principles of the Intuitive Music of Karlheinz Stockhausen. The project was an artistic residency for the Padiglione Francia “Studio Venezia” of the 57. International Art Exhibition -Biennale of Venice, curated by Xavier Veilhan (3-4-5th August 2017) and participated in the Festival of “Santarcangelo” di Romagna in 2018 with a sleeping concert.
In 2017, in duo with Johann Merrich, I was the voice and wrote the text of Then At One Point – Fragments from Francesca Woodman.
Since 2016, in duo with Solar Plex, we have achieved the realisation of overwriting hoch: inside the voice of Hannah Höch
 presented at the “Conservatory B. Marcello” of Venice in October 2017, for the call for works #3 by V.E.R-V. We took part to the collective albums 7 Deadly Sins (2017) and From Outer Space: a leap into the future (2018) of the netlabel electronicgirls. One of our pieces has been included in the collective album Ö (2017) – curated by the Canadian artist EeL.

Silvia Salvagnini

Since 2017, I have collaborated with the performance poet Silvia Salvagnini, the musician Nico De Giosa and video artist Marco Maschietto to a project which brings poetry into music; it creates new landscapes through performances where nature is the protagonist and author at the same time; it images sound installations for the world of contemporary art.
Our first album is Il seme dell’abbraccio (Milk – Minds in a Lovely Karma 2018), where the title is drawn from the same name poetry collection of Silvia. In 2019 it will be released also the b-side in acoustic.

I worked with Enrico Coniglio to the track NELL’ATTESA DEL TUO PROSSIMO RESPIRO (‘Waiting for your next breath’), a new Coniglio’s work inside the same name album with Stefano Guzzetti, Stefano Gentile and Monica Testa (13 / silentes 2018).Gruppo musica Venezia